With social distancing, digital connection is more important than ever.

Wow. What a crazy week. I take some comfort from the fact that none of us are alone in this, and we must all flex and adapt to thrive and survive in these uncertain times.

The Coronavirus pandemic will change the world, forever, in different ways, and many of these will be positive, more respect for the environment and more self-discipline with unnecessary consumerism and consumption for example.

But with my marketing hat firmly on I’m not alone in anticipating a rise in online, a rise in virtual, more social distancing but an even greater need for connection. This week Martin Sorrell predicted that Coronavirus will ‘accelerate the digital revolution’

“Businesses that were probably hesitant to move forward on digital because things were going reasonably well and they didn’t really want to disrupt things, that’s now out of the window”

I’ve jumped on lots of calls this week from clients who have had to tear up their marketing plans. Anything that involved workshops, events, trade shows, corporate hospitality and roundtables have gone. Out the window. This transformation in your marketing planning needs to happen now. Digital transformation is happening now. Right before our eyes.

But all is not lost. I promise.

There is so much that we can do together to make sure we can still engage positively with our customers and prospects at this time.

And I’m delighted to say that here at Bite. We are ready for it.

I’d like to invite any clients or prospects to get in touch and I’ll happily support you directly to rebuild your marketing plans with a focus on virtual and digital. Together we can make them stronger, measurable and meaningful.

We have a number of tried, tested and trusted services ready to go for SEO, digital, social and virtual conferencing. With BiteLive, we offer exceptional virtual conferencing. No venue required. You can be connecting with, engaging with and doing business with your key customers and stakeholders today.

We are perfectly positioned to support our clients in this era of uncertainty to make sure you can still reach your customers and prospects virtually, with maximum engagement and impact.

Do get in touch.

With best wishes to you all at this time, from our fabulous virtual team of channel marketing superstars.

Stay safe and well.