Knowing where your value is and how to add it

by Vanessa Cardwell, MD, Bite IT Marketing.

We are in a very fortunate position as a business to be referred to other businesses as a result of the quality of our work and the commitment we show to our clients. This is something we are extremely proud of and something we will never, ever take for granted.

I think much of Bite IT Marketing’s success comes down to our dedication and commitment to add real value to our client’s marketing efforts. Every single business is distinctive and has a unique value to add. We can help you to find that value by getting under the skin of every aspect of your business. Not because we ‘have-to’ but because we ‘want-to’. Genuinely.

We are not out for the ‘hard-sell’. Yeah, we could take a well-tried formula for a campaign we used for another client and chuck it your way. You might see some OK results. We’d get paid. You’d be reasonably happy. But we wouldn’t.

We tell each and every client we work with that we approach their marketing campaigns and/or planning in the same way as if you had appointed us as your own internal marketing team. We ask the same questions, we build the same relationships, we show up and we graft. We take nothing for granted.

Unless we have worked hard to get under the skin of your business and uncover your unique value, we can’t add ours. That’s the real value we add. We consistently deliver outside the brief and all of the team here adopt that same approach, from the design team going the extra mile to mock up designs to making a launch event ‘pop’ because we’ve thought about the small details, to supplying social media images and text because we know it’ll cover another channel and deliver the integration a campaign is crying out for.

We can help you uncover your real value. And that’s because we understand ours.