Introducing the newest members of the Bite IT Marketing Team

Introducing the newest members of the Bite IT Marketing Team

We have been growing rapidly over the last few months which is exciting!

To keep the momentum going and to best serve the needs of both our new and existing customers, we’ve brought in two fabulous new recruits as Heads of Marketing, Imriel and Sara.

We interrogated them a little so you can get to know them too.

What does marketing mean to you?

Sara: Using all relevant tools at your disposal to learn as much as possible about your target audience, enabling you to truly personalise your offering, making you stand out from the competition.
Imriel: Marketing is the physical manifestation of your brand values and key messages. It’s how and where I communicate with the target audience. It’s fun as it requires you to really understand the needs of the businesses we work with.

What are the highlights at working at Bite?

Imriel: I guess for me a highlight is working with the team. There’s a really strong work ethic here that’s both admirable and intense at times. Another highlight is the focus on copywriting which I find therapeutic.
Sara: The incredible team atmosphere and work ethic are the biggest highlights. Everyone pulls together to get the job done…nothing is too much trouble! And cuddles with the office pup Millie.

Bite is a Marketing-as-a-Service agency, what is it that appealed to you about this?

Sara: Having always worked client-side previously, the chance to sit on the other side of the fence and see another perspective was really appealing to me. Getting to work with so many different clients and help them work through their marketing challenges, as a part of their team rather than outside it, allows you to get under the skin of the business in a way you can’t when on the periphery.
Imriel: I’ve never worked in an agency before and was always curious about it, but my skill set leans heavily into in-house marketing roles. This is the marriage of the two as the work is varied and different but you hold the responsibility of a Head of Marketing.

What do you enjoy about working together?

Imriel: I love it! We only get to work together once a week on our jobshare, but I do find I look forward to it. It’s a nice break in the week to share the workload and think creatively together. We also have very complementary skill sets so we’ve found a nice flow of tasks and delegating.
Sara: Working with Imriel has been really enjoyable! We have a great set of complementary skills that enable us to offer a full package to clients on the marketing front. We’ve quickly got to know each other and naturally adjusted into a way of working that makes every day a bit easier and a lot more fun!

What campaigns are you excited about working on in the next few weeks?

Sara: I’ve joined Bite at a great time. We have a lot of exciting projects coming through the pipeline at the moment and I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in all from concept to execution (almost!). I’m really looking forward to pushing these out into the market and seeing how they are received by clients and customers alike.
Imriel: There are quite a few campaigns in the pipeline that we’re gearing up to launch, a 12-month brand-building campaign, an SD-WAN lead generation campaign and cybersecurity campaigns. I’m really looking forward to seeing the responses to these, we’ve worked incredibly hard to win this new business and are excited by the creative spin we have added to the concepts.

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