Agencies in action

Why the pace of change in the technology industry requires a responsive agency equipped to grapple with the trends and technologies to deliver campaigns that work.

Forbes reports that rapid technological change is the biggest threat facing global business.

“It’s clear that keeping up with the rate of digital advancement – for example, automation, harnessing big data, emerging technologies and cyber security – will pose significant challenges for future leaders, including our own graduates, and will add a whole new layer of complexity as they try to stay ahead of competitors and innovate,” said Roland Siegers, CEMS executive director.

In the last 24 months at Bite IT Marketing we have delivered campaigns on HCI, Enterprise Cloud, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Device Security, SIEM and Encryption (to name but a few).

And why do our clients trust us to deliver campaigns in these complex technology areas for them? Because we get it. And if there is new technology that we’re not as familiar with then we find out, and fast!

But it’s not just about an understanding of the technology, it’s an understanding of your business, the channel and your customer base. It all comes back to the value I keep banging on about and how we deliver this value together. The channel is a pretty unique environment. In my reseller marketing days, we would often be wooed by agencies who didn’t really understand the channel and how it worked, making it really hard for them to support us in any meaningful way despite how good the creative may have been.

And to quote the opening Forbes article again Frederic Fernandez, senior manager at consumer goods firm A.T. Kearney, a CEMS corporate partner, said ‘The consumer and retail industry will change more over the next 20 years than over the last 200 years. We have never lived in such exciting times. It is at times like these that we will recognise the true leaders and innovators.”

OK, so we can’t claim to get it all. But we work hard to understand the trends and the business benefits so we can support our clients to deliver maximum marketing success.