5 Steps to creating measurable campaigns this quarter

As we move into 2020’s first quarter, what plans do you have to review your last 3 months marketing campaign activity? What’s worked? What hasn’t? What should you build on and what should you tank? What’s delivered an ROI? What’s been an expensive waste of time? And what activities need a little more time to grow and develop?

Sometimes we are so busy doing, we don’t have time for the reviewing (I love the fact that rhymes!) But it’s true, as hands-on busy marketers we are often juggling everything from lead generation and event management to content creation and email marketing.

I know there are brilliant marketers out there who actively review, refine and amend campaigns, but for some (and I include an early version of myself in this) we simply don’t have the time or we rely on a gut feel for what’s working and what’s not. Often this gut feel is worth listening to – but it is not enough.

So this is a bit chicken and egg – how can you measure well if you haven’t set achievable targets in the 1st place?

Analytics and insight are key to ensuring the campaigns you deliver have impact and can be tweaked to deliver more.

Here’s our 5 step process for creating solid measurable campaigns:

Step 1 – Set your objectives. You can make them SMART (Specific, Meaningful, Agreed, Realistic & Time-based) or make them DUMB. Yes, you heard right (Doable, Understandable, Manageable & Beneficial).

I also recommend that tech marketers closely align to the sales team or business revenue target for the year. Setting marketing goals aligned to your revenue target and making sure you align metrics to each marketing activity will show you where your marketing campaign activity is working or where it needs an extra boost.

Step 2 – Take a look at your business and product messaging – is it accurate? Relevant? Aligned to your goals?

Step 3 – Revisit your target markets. Are there any verticals out there that resonate more closely with your offering than others? Any secondary targets to include? Consider what problems you can solve for them.

Step 4 – Reflection. Look back at your current sales and marketing activity, what’s working, what’s not? Do you have metrics on ROI? Are you backing the right channels, or repeating the same old campaigns without really understanding what’s working and what’s not?

Step 5 – Planning. Plan activity with reference to steps 1 – 4 above. Brainstorm creative ways to reach your target audiences and reach your goals.

Need a little help? Work with us and we’ll:

  • Get under the skin of your business
  • Act as an extension of your own leadership team
  • Define measurable objectives so marketing aligns to sales & business goals

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