Evolving Customer Experience with CIAM

Fully Managed Campaign

The Pandemic


Lockdowns have created a new form of digital consumer. New digital consumers work remotely. They bank digitally. Their food shops, exercise classes and even doctors’ appointments all take place online. Their online habits have shifted – permanently. Given consumers’ new reliance on digital, they need online experiences to be hassle-free. In fact, registration, login, and password issues cause nearly three-quarters of consumers to bail.


The challenges

Businesses need to give customers need a reason to stop bailing. Customers expect a seamless, straightforward and secure experience. The dual need for simplicity and security is what makes building identity so hard. The code behind login boxes is complex. It’s easy to mess up.

The challenge is, traditional IAM systems are built to support internal employees only. They’re not built for consumers. Multiple, disconnected systems, meanwhile, are an unnecessary cyber risk.

Customer identity

The solution

Okta’s Customer Identity system is purpose built for consumers. It’s an all-in-one, easy to embed solution. Crucially, it underpins Secure, Frictionless Customer Experiences… because a secure, frictionless customer experience is a competitive advantage. It affects customer retention. And brand loyalty. Today, frictionless customer experience matters.

Okta Customer Identity is an identity service that can be embedded with ease. Okta Customer Identity eliminates the burden of authentication security. We created a campaign that enabled our key partners to take this message to their customers.

We established a campaign theme and delivered a personalised landing page / content hub for four of the clients key partners.


The deliverables

  • Campaign creative theme & strapline
  • Landing page design
  • Landing page build (WordPress)
  • SEO and Google Analytics
  • Email creation (MailChimp)
  • Social creation
  • Reporting
  • Video animation
  • Blogs
  • Channel panel live debate
  • Webinar
  • Customer quotes

Bite Marketing instantly became part of the Ignition Family, bringing with them a wealth of fresh ideas and experience from working with many of the channel’s leading partners and distributors. Over the last year we have had to pivot our marketing in order to retain customer mindshare and generate business. No mean feat but one that was taken in their stride with a myriad of creative events and campaigns. We know how hard marketing can be with the ever increasing demands on ROI and careful spend of budgets.

Sean Remnant - CSO