Technology marketing and the ‘C’ word

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Why Covid will make you a better marketer.

March 2020. It was the start of lockdowns here in the UK.

With the world imploding, we invited tech marketeers to get in touch for support. Many of you did. And as a result, Bite ended up collaborating on some of the most exciting marketing initiatives in the channel in 2020.

Along the way, we learned a lot about post-COVID marketing.

In this ebook, we reveal what we learned about marketing from an unprecedented year – and how you can use these insights to improve your 2021 marketing.

Find out how the pandemic has changed B2B marketing.

Here’s why COVID will make you a better marketer.

What’s inside the ebook?

  • 14 things we learned about marketing in 2020
  • The truth about Zoom fatigue
  • Future trends on working from home
  • How marketing changed in 2020
  • Using telemarketing in post-pandemic campaigns
  • How to use email to engage B2B audiences
  • How to make passive prospects actively engaged
  • What happens when you employ ABM ‘Lite’
  • How to use our insights in your marketing campaigns
  • 6 marketing predictions for 2021

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How should the above influence your campaigns in 2021?

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Not only do I LOVE working with Bite IT Marketing but so do the rest of the Marketing Team straight through to the Sales and Technical Teams.

Marketing Director – Global Technology Distributor

A top-notch strategic marketer who also understands the pressures that a technology sales team has in ever-changing markets!

UK & Ireland Country Manager – CensorNet

The Bite Marketing plan gave us a clear direction. Vanessa kept in contact regularly throughout the weeks to provide updates of her work, to discuss what we would do next and to get my input on design work. I was continuously impressed by the thoroughness and attention to detail with which plans were constructed and the efficiency with which they were carried out.

Marketing Manager – Cloud and IT Managed Services Organisation

Working with Vanessa and the Bite IT Team has been a dream, an extremely proactive team with an amazing work ethic, their creativeness has really helped the business unit we work on together.

Business Unit Manager – Global Cyber Security Vendor